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Spiegel online Interview 22.02.07

Translated by Zillah

Music is more important than sex!
Everyone wants to talk to Tokio Hotel: Dollie Buster, Boris Becker, Jonathan Meese, Niels Ruf. SPIEGEL ONLINE set up an interview that shows the teenie-stars from a rather unusual side, namely a pretty sovereign one matching the new album which will be released tomorrow.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How many energy-drinks are you having per day?

Bill Kaulitz: None anymore, really. We switched to apple-juice and iced-tea. Even before, we haven’t drunken all that much to be honest- maybe two a day.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Robbie Williams is supposed to have had up to 20 a day. And 20 Espressi and 60 cigarettes. Which is why he ended up in rehab. Why do you think popstars end up destroying themselves?

Bill: I think the career is very hard on solo-artists.

Tom Kaulitz: We’re able to divide the pressure up on four people.

Bill: And we’ve known each other for over seven years now. We’re all friends and it really helps a lot to be surrounded by people who you like working with and who you like. We all built our career up together so we all make decisions together.

Georg Listing: And even if we end up having problems with something, we still can discuss it among us.

Bill: We can take care of each other and catch each other when we’re falling. That’s a big support that solo-artists don’t have. And on top of that, we still got a very good team working with us. We got four producers whom we get along with wonderfully.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Don’t your parents worry at all?

Georg: Parents worry about everything, it’s an universal rule.

Bill: They support us and walk the whole way with us.

Tom: They’ve been part of the package from the very beginning and now they’re happy that all of the hassle paid off in the end. Back in the beginnings we made them drive us around all the time and transport our instruments.

NEVIO, musician and Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar-finalist: Are you able to endure the pressure?

Bill: During the production of this album, there was no pressure at all. It’s always other people talking about pressure like we got something to prove with that album or something.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What about bad criticism? Do you even read those reviews?

Bill: I definitely do read real reviews in music magazines.

Tom: There’s always people who say “that sucks.” right away but that’s always been, even years ago with our band “Devilish”. That doesn’t concern us anymore.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Robbie Williams is supposed to have become sick because of the bad reviews.

Bill: Of course it’s not easy if society is picking on the tiniest details and watching your every step. I could puke every time i see a paparazzi, I loathe them.

Georg: Of course they’re annoying but they’re only doing their job.

JONATHAN MEESE, painter and performance-artist: What’s your favorite animal? Mine is the seahorse.

Tom: Seahorses are hot.

Gustav Schäfer: My favorite animals are panthers.

Bill: Mine are dogs. I love dogs.

Tom: Dogs are my favorite animals, too. And lions.

Georg: I think dolphins are pretty hot.

BORIS BECKER, ex-tennis star and moderator: Did success change you?

Bill: We learned a lot. We’re only 17 but we got a pretty big view on what’s happening in the music business, have gotten to know record-companies and huge assholes too. But I think, as far as i can judge, we’re still the same.

Tom: Our whole lives have changed completely from one sec to the other. But friends and family are still with us, that’s how you manage not to lose your ground and stay on top of things. And I’d say that’s where we still are.

NIELS RUF, actor and comedian: I really dug the press-conference that Tic Tac Toe did when they broke up. How they fought!! Are you planning to do something similar when you break up?

Bill: I thought that Tic Tac Toe thing was pretty amusing, too but we sadly got to disappoint you: we’ve got nothing planned yet. I think if you break up, you’re supposed to do it in a reasonable manner.

Tom: And I honestly think, Niels Ruf ain’t gonna live to see this.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Have you ever thought about your life after Tokio Hotel?

Bill: Who knows: maybe one day we really won’t be around anymore. But then there’s still other options for us- music will stick around even if success won’t. Maybe I’ll end up writing songs for someone else or I’ll be working in a record company or maybe I’ll be interviewing other bands.

Georg: I honestly can’t imagine anyone of us sitting behind a counter in a bank and I’m fetching my bank statement from him.

Bill: When I was nine we sent off our first tape to Viva.

Georg: I sincerly hope that tape doesn’t exist anymore.

Tom: Tokio Hotel is the dreamjob. Anything else is gonna be the b-side.

BUSHIDO: Why’s there so many Tokio Hotel fans who are also fans of me?

Bill: I really don’t know. I can’t understand it.

Tom: Well, I’m playing the guitar in a rockband but only listen to HipHop, too.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: A lot of kids do identify with you. Sing your songs and dress like you. How do you handle the responsibility?

Tom: A lot of those kids wrote to us that they’re also making music now, have bands now and write songs. That’s really awesome. But there’s a lot of things that they really shouldn’t do like we do- we’re only teenagers after all just like them.

Bill: And of course we make mistakes. Just because we’re famous doesn’t mean that we’ve turned perfect over night.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: One of your songs is called “Don’t Jump”. If it would be called “Jump”, you’d probably cause a widespread suicide-disaster.

Bill: I’d never do that! I wouldn’t even dream of writing a song like that!

Tom: Of course it’s about responsibility but also about a matter of personal attitude. We’re not writing songs to see how society reacts to them but be write about things that concern us and get us to think. and “Kill yourself” ain’t a topic that we think about.

ATZE SCHRÖDER, comedian: Name your favorite five rocksongs.

Gustav: I’d vote for “Enter Sandman” by Metallica.

Tom: I always thought “T.N.T.” by AC/DC was really hot.

Bill: The “Armageddon”-Soundtrack by Aerosmith was really awesome and “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.

Georg: And let’s have some Green Day: “Wake Me Up When September Ends” or “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Bastian Schweinsteiger said in an interview once: “Shooting goals is more important to me than sex”. What about you?

Georg: Music’s more important to me, sure.

Gustav: That’s a silly question.

Georg: Although, I don’t know whether I really could lay off sex all my life.

Tom: Well. Is wanking a no-no, too?

DOLLY BUSTER, ex-pornstar: Bill, what brand of eyeshadow do you use?

Bill: Oh, I gotta disappoint you on that one. It’s just a random one from the store.

DOLLY BUSTER: Have you had sex yet?

Bill: Me?! I ain’t gonna tell you that. But I do know that you’ve had sex already for sure!,1518,467391,00.html


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