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RU: Bravo Nr. 34 #

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The twins are 19! No longer boys!

Very soon, on September 1, we will be celebrating the 19th birthday of the Kaulitz twins. But for now, let’s take a look at all the events that have taken place recently in the life of Tokio Hotel.

Success and Achievements

Bill Kaulitz has everything necessary for a successful career: talent, a look, money, the love of the fans. But there is one thing missing for the total happiness of every young man – a good car! This month Bill finally got his driver’s license and immediately bought a luxurious, silver convertible from BMW, for almost 100 000 Euros.

Aside from that, the group is among the nominees for the MTV VMAs in the “Best New Artist” category. This, yet again, proves that the boys are successfully conquering the Unites States and are already quite popular in this country. You can vote for the guys on MTV’s official website ( The Award show is very soon- on September 7.

This month, Tokio Hotel is also celebrating another important event: exactly three years ago, the August of 2005, the single “Durch Den Monsun” was released, which made Tokio Hotel known to the world. With that song started the band’s history. And with that song these boys changed the world of music forever.

Indecent Proposal

The twins are getting older, which means, that the scandals, that they are sometimes involved in, are getting bigger too. Not that long ago, a few girls declared that Bill spends the nights in different online chatrooms, using his big name and fame to get the girls to send him naked pictures. But we know that Bill would never dare to take advantage of the love of his fans, with such low behaviour. The police did an investigation and caught an 18-year-old Frenchman, who, for few weeks was posing on the internet as Bill Kaulitz and making the girls believe that he really is the “real” Bill. During the contact with the girls, the false-Bill was very friendly and caring, so it took awhile to find out about the fraud. But the Frenchman took too much advantage of Bill’s fans, and this brought about hard consequences. At first the girls were nervous to send the poser their naked pictures. They were suspicious, but still sent the photos. Finally, the law enforcements were able to trace the guy and found him in a small town in France. With him, they found many photographs of naked girls in erotic positions. The police were in shock, when they found out that some of the girls were only 11-years-old. Now the dude will have to pay a large fine. When we contacted Bill for a comment about the event, he assured us and all of his fans, that neither he nor anyone else from the group ever were and ever will be at these online chatrooms. They just don’t have the time.

Pic Captions (Clock-wise from the top)

Page 1
- The boys had fans waiting for them at the New York airport.
- Tokio Hotel are being pulled in different directions. Despite their tight schedule, they promise to come to Russia. You will know about the concert dates first in BRAVO!
- Bill tries to pay attention to each fan.
- Even on the streets of New York the boys are greeted by large groups of fans.
- The tough American cops protect the boys like “the apple of the eye”…
- … But the love of the fans cannot be stopped.

Page 2
- The future “Birthday-boys” are ready to party.
- There is no limit to the excitement of the American fans.
- Today the guys of Tokio Hotel are welcomed guests on MTV, but once they couldn’t even dream of such tremendous success.

Bravo Nr. 36

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PORT: Bravo 260

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Super Pop Nr. 794

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Oops 08/08

Teenmag Interview

TH answers YOUR questions!

A few weeks ago on teenmag, we asked you to send us questions you wanted to band to answer. We got thousands and, here is the first batch of queries submitted by fans like you - along with their answers!

1. How did you get in to music? (Lysa Thompson, Sioux Falls, SD)
Bill: We all started really early. Tom and I started when we were about seven. Back then it was only the two of us. Tom got into playing the guitar because of our step dad and I really wanted to sing – I was always too lazy to learn an instrument :-). We started writing our own songs and performed wherever we could – at weddings, birthday parties and little clubs. Gustav: I started playing the drums when I was about five. I always used to drum with my fingers on everything that came along :-) - so my parents decided to give it a real try and got me lessons.
Georg: I was in high school when my friends decided to start a band. They where looking for a bass player and I thought “That’s pretty cool, I can do that”…so that’s how I started.

2. You’ve just been nominated for Best Pop Video at the MTV VMA’s. How does it feel to be gaining so much success here in the U.S.? (Alison Luedke, Oswego, IL)
Bill: Oh my god, it is sooooo amazing and we’re all so excited. This is something we didn’t dare to dream of!
Tom: We all freaked out when we received the great news. Our fans are really amazing and we can’t believe that they made this happen for us.

3. Why did you pick Tokio Hotel to be your new band name? (Anita Morales, Rockwall, TX)
Tom: That happened a few years ago. We decided to look for a new band name when we started to work in the studio – so it must’ve been at least five years ago. That was a really new beginning for us and we wanted to start with a name that really fit us.

4. Bill, what is your favorite song that you wrote? (Alexis Snyder, Saxton, PA)
Bill: That’s really hard and I can’t actually pick one ‘cause every song has a special meaning to me and is personal. But if I had to I probably would choose “Live Every Second” - that’s one of the first songs I wrote. I was eight or nine back then.

5. Were the four of you always interested in music? (Saadya Philyor, Saint Petersburg, FL)
Bill: Yes, music has always been what we all wanted to do. We put all our time and energy in music. During the week we went to school and on the weekends we played wherever we could. What we are doing today is all we ever wanted. And I can’t even imagine what I would have become besides a singer.
Tom: Hmmm, if I wasn’t a musician I would probably work at the playboy mansion as Hugh Hefner’s personal assistant. (lol) Georg would work as construction worker and do a lot of body building in his free time and Gustav would be a trucker!

6. Tom: Is it true that you still have your teddy bear? (Jen Ii, Sandefjord, int, NO)
Tom: You must be talking about Georg. He has his one with him all the time. And guess what name he gave him?? Tom!!!
Georg: Ohhhhhh sure….

7. What do you like to do during your free time?? (Anetia Jones, Norfolk, VA)
Bill: Sleep! We sleep in as long as possible.
Tom: If nobody wakes me up I sleep ‘till the afternoon.
Georg: Yeah, sleeping, eating, sleeping again, watching DVDs and going to bed
Bill: Gustav is a little different – he’s really an early bird.
Gustav: Yes, I wake up quiet early and then I like to meet friends, ride my bike, do all kinds of sports and spend time with my family.

8. Did any of you guys have imaginary friends when you were younger and if so, what were their names? (Kendall Green-Grouse, Halifax, NS, CA)
All (laughing): NO!
Tom (laughing): Well, to tell you a secret: Georg has some imaginary friends and they might be his only ones besides us…

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years? (Kim Leblanc, St-Paul de Joliette, QC, CA)
Bill: Hopefully on stage!
All: Yes!
Bill: We really want to do this as long as possible – till we’re old and gray :-)

10. Which part of the world that have you visited have you liked the most? (Crissy Stubbs, Douglas, GA)
Bill: Ohhh, that’s a hard one…! Each and every single country has it’s own nice and special qualities, they are all very different and hard to compare!
Tom: In Russia there are the best parties.
Georg: We all love Italian food – so Italy is great as well.
Gustav: Yeah, and the French have such a sweet accent “Guestaw”…
Bill: We also love America! The food, N.Y. , L.A., the weather is so great, and as we are traveling through the middle of the country now we are learning that there are lots of amazing places to discover, it’s just awesome!
Tom: I have to say, there are hot girls everywhere, I wanna meet them all! But we are always happy to come home once in a while to be with our families and friends, that is so important!

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