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Por Ti 224 #

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First bit (next to Bill and Tom's pic)
"My parents weren't home so we went to see some friends in the family car but, oops! I hit something and when my mom saw it, she was crazy mad", says Tom.

Tom inch by inch (cm by cm)
His hunky attitude drives us crazy and if we add that buff!
We analyze all of him, wanna join us?

Oh, the dreads! They show that Tom, as an artist, is open to many different musical and cultural trends: rastafari, hip hop, rock, what a worldly boy! And whether he wears them up or down, with a hat or with that bandana that we wears sometimes, Tokio Hotel's guitar player looks hot!

A slender figure like Tom's would not be the same without those shoulders that the hunk gets all tanned whenever he has a chance to go to the beach. The point is, the shoulders are just the beginning of an a-ma-zing body!

The look in Tom's eyes is so intense and mischievous that we get goosebumps. It's like if he were looking at us with X-ray vision! Just check it out, doesn't it look like he could be thinking "Baby girl, you're fine!"
Wouldn't you have a heart attack if he looked at you like that? We would!

Wow! Those full lips, so pink, and soo sexy with that lip ring...For real, a kiss from this boy must be an unforgettable adventure. And if we happen to run into him, he might plant a kiss on our cheek. But let's be honest girls, seeing those lips, wouldn't you run the risk of asking him for a kiss on the mouth?

It's a bit snub and it lends a sweet trait to this rocker's face, doesn't it? And as tough as he looks on stage because of his clothes, his attitude and his way of playing guitar, truth is, if you take a close look at Tom, that little nose makes him look like such a sweet boy.

They might look thin, but the cool thing is that they are pretty well toned and super strong. So just to think of being hugged by him, to have him give you a bear hug or just to touch his biceps, simply amazing! And we better stop now because our imagination flies!

For a place where he can put his Gibson guitars on, Tom needs strong hips. Since we've seen that this boy is pretty well built we have no doubt that this part of his fab body is perfect too. That's why baggy pants fit him perfectly!

Wow! Tom's incredible abs are not just a result of sheer chance but more a result of hours of working out. We don't understand why if his abs are so great, he doesn't take his shirt off more often during concerts! Next time he comes to Mexico (with Tokio Hotel) let's scream "Shirt off!"

Our very handsome Tom has a long and strong pair of legs to run around on stage, they go very well with a killer body. It's enough to see him moving during concerts to know that, just like the rest of his body, the rocker's legs are in great shape! Oh, yes they are!

Those hands and their hip hop poses get the most rocking riffs from the guitar. Yes! Tom gives Tokio Hotel that frenzied beat that we love so much. And if his hands play those guitars with such intensity, with girls he could be the most loving guy, ah...

A rocker, yes, but also a bit hip hop. And, just like we told you, Tom is open to many different musical trends but his favorite one is hip hop, that's why sneakers are a basic for him. See how his foot is a bit off the ground? He's about tu burst into a spontaneous "Oohh, ehh, ooh".

Por Ti always has the most random articles, I sometimes get the feeling that they are on something when they write this stuff.
So..did you have any idea what Tom's hips said about him? :rotfl

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