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Capricho 1067/09 #



Translation by aniinhas:

TV Tokio Hotel

"Tokio Hotel is my life", thousands of fans of Tokio Hotel write all day long this to redaction of CAPRICHO. It's because of you that the DVD Tokio Hotel TV: Caught in Camera. The fanatic will love to accompaign the German band, rembering everything that they lived last year: the world bang, the shows and the appearences on TV. This DVD also brings comments from the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, of Gustav and Georg. But, like nothing is perfect, the documentary arrives to Brazil with no subtitles in Portuguese. Really bad, right? Me, who don't understand German at all, watched it with English subtitles. My English teacher was proud of me!

By Bárbara dos Anjos.

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Por Ti Nr. 221 #





Translation by Neelyo/THA

Tom Kaulitz.

Born 09/01/1989 in Leipzig, lives in Loitsche, Germany

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 53kg

Hair and Eyes
Dirty blond, now with dreads. Light brown eyes.

When he was a kid
Took karate lessons and was an expert skater

He collects
Hats, of course! He has over 350.

50 Cent and Samy Deluxe, a German rapper.

Rice pudding and waffles

Drawing graffiti

His first CD
An Aerosmith CD


Gibson guitars

Circuses because he is against animal cruelty

Tokyo, Japan

If he wasn't a TH member
He'd be a graphic designer.

Bill Kaulitz

Born 09/01/1989 in Leipzig, lives in Loitsche, Germany

Height: 1.77m
Weight: 53kg

Hair and Eyes
His natural hair color is dirty blond. His eyes are light brown, just like Tom's.

Green Day

Broccoli, if he eats it he gets sick

Scotty, his Doberman Labrador

Mecki, it's a little hedgehog. It was his grandmother who gave him the nickname, guess why!

In school
He hated Science

His Mac iBook

Loves pizza

When he was a kid
He was afraid of witches (from fairy tales)




The sexiest celebrities under 25-years-old

Bill & Tom Kaulitz (19)

Guess what? You win! We compressed the twins from the German Kaulitz's family to one place, and it's gave to you multiple portion of Kaulitz to your vein. Worth, doesn't it? What can we write about Bill & Tom that we don't already wrote, here in Rosh 1? The vocalist and the guitarist of Tokio Hotel is what calling in cinematic slang - "Double Pitcher (?)" - Two in One cost. In one hand we have Bill, ambassador of the Emo-Goth and the emotional, and in the other hand we have Tom that give us the merchandise of the naughty Hip-Hop-Dreads guy.

The last year was very succesful for Tokio Hotel at all and the brothers in particular. They conquer America, win in many MTV awards, release new DVD and of course gave us exclusive interview. Beacause we save a contact with them, be sure that we update them about their location in our prestigious list, and now they have more reason to love Israel. And yeah, we await in impatience to their new album too. When they will publish it?!

p.s.: message for Gustav & Georg: Don't be upset, We love you too!

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Bravo Nr. 13


Oh, how does he look?! Has Bill became a girl?
The Tokio Hotel-fans doesn't like his new look...

Hey! Who is that cute girl with that bold eyemakeup and those red lips? With a glitter hair-ribbon around the dark, long hair with thick white dreads in? That was what the guest wondered on the premier of Olli Pochers new comedishow "Gefährliches Halbwissen" in Berlin. Not until the second sight they recognize the mysterious guest: Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel! On his first official performance in Germany in several months the 19-year-old rockstar showed himself with his new girllook. Only the jacket was old. Bill actually had it on a Bravo-photoshoot back in 2007.

The Tokio Hotel-fans doesn't like the new style. Many complains about Bills change: "He look so terrible! How could he do this to us?" a fan writes in a mail to Bravo. "Has he lost a bet or does he really think its pretty?" Or: "Bill now days got Toms hairstyle - but it doesn't fit him", are only some comments on the fanforums. Hard criticism from the otherwise unconditionally loyal fans to the German worldstars. Earlier have they always been happy about the new wild hairstyles on the Tokio Hotel-singer.

If Bill will keep his new look despite the reactions is not clear yet. One thing is sure though: Tokio Hotel will not only surprise us visually, but also musical. In Los Angeles has the guys just finish the production of their new third album. Tokio Hotel's album will be released during the spring. Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg promise a whole new Tokio Hotel-sound and - warning! - that both unexpected German and international guest will take part on their new CD!

Traduction par EEELIINA @ TokiohotelUS

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All Stars 06/09 #

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Photobucket Photobucket

Translation by Arinaela/tha:
Why a Tokio Hotel fan was silent for 10 days?

Page 1
Dark Times - Tokio Hotel

Bill/Tom: "When we are together, we're not scared of anything!"
Gustav: "I am actually a very vulnerable person"

Even the popular artists, like Tokio Hotel can have dark times in their lives. Last year was filled not only with successes but also with everyday troubles for the boys. And the new 2009 year began with a problem: drummer Gustav's trip to the hospital!

Two days after New Years, Gustav woke up because of sharp stomach pains. At first he reacted calmly to this: he decided not to do anything about it, just poured himself some tea and thought that the pains would quickly go away on their own. However, the pain strengthened and Gustav called one of his good friends who drove him to the hospital. "We need to operate immediately!" proclaimed the doctors and sent Gustav to the OR for an appendectomy.

Gustav has recovered now and is back to his old self. Remembering the incident he admits, "I didn't want to go to the hospital. Maybe it was silly, but I waited until the very end. Thanks to my friend, who insisted that I go!" Who this selfless friend happens to be, Gustav didn't mention. But we can say for certain, it wasn't Bill or Tom.

End of page 1 / Page 2

"Bill deals with his fear of flying by constantly flying to performances."

At that time they were on vacation (finally! after exhausting performances in the USA) in Maldives. The difficult tour schedule took a toll on Bill's health. Last year he was sick a lot and even had an operation on his vocal cords. Many concerts of the 1000 Hotels tour were affected around the world. Many fans who bought tickets and reserved hotel rooms were left with nothing. Some dates were later rescheduled but far from all: in Slovenia, Finland, and Norway the concerts still haven't happened and the fans ended up returning the tickets.

Bill's illness became a real tragedy for the fans who cried at the concert halls and sent "get well packages" to the hospital. One of the fans even decided to be silent for 10 days straight as a sign of support for her idol (and by the words of witnesses, she kept her "vow of silence"!)

Bill's illness became a real tragedy for the fans who cried at the concert halls and sent "get well packages" to the hospital. One of the fans even decided to be silent for 10 days straight as a sign of support for her idol (and by the words of witnesses, she kept her vow!)

Tom Kaulitz, whose fun personality and jokes everyone loves, often feels sad and suffers from problems relating to his "mental health". "Tom, of course, will never tell you about it, but on tour he often feels sad in his room: he feels homesick or just feels a bit melancholic," tells Bill revealing his brother's secrets.

In all, in a life filled with tours with endless concerts and travels, especially such an intense one as Tokio's, the chances of tragic accidents rise exponentially.) "Once in Moscow," remembers Bill, "the staff didn't assemble the stage properly and it was literally coming apart under our feet. We were afraid to make any unnecessary steps and were mainly concentrating on not breaking any limbs!"

In all, unpleasant situations aren't always due to somebody's negligence but are sometimes cause by something general. Bill, for example, is scared of flights, "Can't stand planes! During flights, I'm always nervous, always expecting the plane to crash! Once we were flying to Cannes for an award show and got caught in a huge storm. I was so scared that my life was almost flashing before my eyes!" Back then, everything turned out fine, and there is no escaping flying, including long trans-continental fights. This is all part of being Tokio Hotel...

By the end of 2008 poor Gustav still couldn't escape from being in the path of misfortune, his car ended up on the tram tracks after hitting two others in the prosess. He had friends with him at the time and they, as well as the musician, ended up in trouble (there could have even been serious charges against Gustav in this incident) and in the hospital in Magdeburg. But as soon as Gustav was released, he immediately left for Liverpool with the group in order to attend the MTV EMAs.

At that ceremony, even the press noticed how skinny and pale the boy looked. "The boy needs rest!" the fans decided and began a petition to Tokio Hotel's managers in order to ask them to let the boys have a vacation. "We are currently working on the new album," said Tom Kaulitz, "A new CD means a new tour. But before we begin, we want to take care of our health a little. However, since the fans will miss us, we will try to return as quickly as we can!"

Author: Eleonora Miroshnikova

That's it I think... As I've said before, feel free to correct me, sometimes there are phrases or expressions that are better then direct translation. :)

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Por Ti Nr. 220 #





Originally posted by neelyo/THA:
of a pointless article. Por Ti needs some news :rolleyes:

It's Bill's trademark. That full dark mane, whether it's down or spiked, is a fundamental part of his rockstar personality. And it's 100% original!

Straight and perfect! You can see it if you look at him from the front, but it's specially if you take a look at his profile when it's clear that nature did a great job with him!

Sadly, he doesn't show it that often *sniff* But what we've seen is stunning! Just remember his tattoos! Plus, he's a thin boy, he's the perfect candidate for a hug. We'd be able to put our arms around him fully!

Just tell us, who wouldn't love to walk arm in arm with him through the forest in Germany or enter the hip new club in Berlin? If it were you, you'd be the envy of half the planet!

Hazel eyes + dark eyeshadow + intensity = killer stare! Just imagine that he looks at you with those eyes and drops an 'I like you!'. Would you say no?

It's where the voice that drives us crazy song after song comes from. And he has full lips, perfect for kissing! On top of it all, he has a sexy mole just beneath those luscious lips.

His shoulders have perfectly symmetrical and go well with Bill's long, slender figure. That's why he can wear anything: t-shirts, vests, jackets...

PORT: Bravo nr. 274