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Rock One Nr. 30


Behind the true-false mystery of Room 483, hiding 4 boys in the torment of a success without limits, without borders. Meeting with Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav whom begin to be familiar to us.

Last time we saw each other, it was in Cannes, just before the rise of steps. What kind of memory do you have?

Bill Kaulitz : It was great! We lived in a fantastic hotel with an amazing view of the berry of Cannes! We gave interviews on a sunny terrace, near the swimmingpool and under some palms. We come from the north of Germany, and believe me, it was amazing!
Tom kaulitz : We've got more and more fans in France, that's what we understand there. When we rise the steps in Cannes, there was a lot of fan which was screaming our name and whom was waiting for us since hours and hours.
B.K: I was just sad cuz i couldn't rise the steps with the tree other cuz I came back in Germany for doing a Promo.

Mr Arthur
What was this so important Promo? Was it for the promo of Arthur and the minimoys from Luc Besson?

B.K : I was invited for the first of this film "Arthur und die minimoys" (the title in german, Ndr), in whom I have my voice to Arthur. It was really rewarding to do that and i met Luc Besson! He's a nice productor and he was cool with me!

Your Last Clip "Übers ende der Welt", see you physicaly totally different. Can you tell us how was the making of this clip?

B.K : It was really gruelling. We worked during 28 hours non-stop. It was really tiring for us cause we usuelly don't play for a so long time.
T.K : We worked with over 60 extras people. We created a futurist city really sad and grey for making a picture close from the text. All people had to be like a "clone army", with no hair and with old military clothes without soul. There was two level : the extra people was doing there job and a side, and we were playing on the other side.

About Bill :
What is your favorite song from "Zimmer 483"? : Totgeliebt
What do you prefer to do with the band? Concert, Recording song, writing songs, do some autogramm, doing interwiews, show TV, usw... : Playing on Live songs i(ve just written.
What is your favotite band right now? : Keane
What is the best concert you've ever done? : Nena, my first concert
What is your favorite video right now? : "nodody knows" from Pink!

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