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Hitkrant Nr. 31

Bravo 32/08

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Oliver Tanson Interview #

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Oliver Tanson interviews…

Tom: Hi, here’s Tom!

Georg: I’m Georg.

Bill: And I’m Bill!

All: And we are… Tokio Hotel!

Bill: Lots of fans have written to us saying that some of our songs help them in certain situations, and to deal with them that they feel better afterwards. I know so myself, and I think that every one of us listens to a lot of music at the moment and that music can help and support quite a lot in certain situations, and we of course want to as well. And it we’re happy to know that when we make songs that people feel better and understood afterwards.

I don’t think very much of [indiscriminate]. I think it’s better for people to find themselves like how it was by us, and those that find themselves would be an optimal opportunity. But yeah, I’m not really the type for that.

Tom: It’s good that if you have a band and that you know each other for so long, it’s good to have one another to help and hold on to so that you don’t go walking around through life in a pink bubble and to keep you down on the ground of reality.

Oliver Tanson. Reaching the stars…

- Translated from audio by Lenny

Une chanson pour Tokio hotel

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Naked eye

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