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Bravo 20/09 #

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Now the Girl Gang speaks
Who are the girls, against Tokio Hotel had filed charges because of stalking? Bravo visted them.

Fat sunglasses hide the eyes of Perrine (21), Angelina (25), Noemi (20) and Aurore (21). BRAVO meets the 4 Frenchwomen, who made headlines, as "Les Afghans On Tour" By giving us a welcome we recieved an instruction. : "We had never given us this name by ourselves," Noemi corrected us. "Other fans have given us the name, and then we used it ." All over Germany the girlgang is been known, for the incident in Hamburg. At a gas station Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19) slapped Perrine in the face. For protection - as he declared later. The girls from France had stalked the band, their families and friends for half a year , and even attacked them.

What is the truth behind this allegations? "We are not stalkers," said Noemi, and she adds: "Tom is lying, because he wants to save his ass and his career." But are the allegations against the Girl Gang really just an excuse to justify Tom's behavior ? Did they really never waylaid the guys?

"Several times we have been in our car in front of the house of the twins. But we were just normal fans and wanted to see our idols. It was an art of adventure for us - but we have never annoyed them. Also, we never attacked Bill and Tom's mother, she claims. "

In contrast to this, is the report from the band - and charges against the French girls. They have slapped a cell-phone out of the hand of Bill and Tom's mother and hit her.

And...the girls acutally don't inspire your confidence.

In the Internet there are photos, where they are disguised and masked. On there myspace-side, which has been blocked in the meantime ,they threaten, to make the lives of other people hell.

They describe their mood to be "diabolical". Normal or blatant stalker fans - what is the truth?

" The Photos...that is not us." justified Aurore. "We have never worn masks. And the thing with the towels was just for fun. For some weeks Tokio Hotel started to film the fans. We found it strange and we didn't want to be recognized on the videos. "

And what is about the threatening letters, they have send to the band? "That was a big misunderstanding." But in the letters they threatend with a nightmare?! Their statement: "We have seen in the internet in several TH-foren, that a large number of fans planned to go to Hamburg to besiege the band . A nightmare! We only wanted Bill and Tom to be careful. "

A very weak try to explain. - after the girls obviously threaten in their letter with words like ." We are dissatisfied. We are impatient. YOU UNDERSTAND U.S.? "

In some way The" Afghans On Tour " flee again and again in excuses. They did not moved to Hamburg for Tokio Hotel, it is because of their work and they want to improve their german. They have no evidence for this. They don't want to say where their work and even the rumour, that the gang live in the same house like Tom and Bill, is not true, according to Perrine. "We all have our flats in the north of Hamburg, the boys live in the south of the city."

Fact : the girls are not aware of any guilt and pretend to be normal fans. They see themselves as victims and not as the perpetrators: "We have done nothing wrong."
At least there are really good news for Tokio Hotel: " We never want to see the band again. "says Perrine." We are not fans of Tokio Hotel anymore. It's over! "

Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav might sleep a little bit better now...with no fear to be harrassed again
Hopefully...the girls keep their promise!!!!

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