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Bravo 21/09 #

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translation in to swedish by Freja,
transcript by kringel @

Super Band
Even then Tokio Hotel were on a large U.S. tour in 2008, are BRAVO´s readers them faithful. After silver last year, it is gold for the boys now . Second place went to US5. The bronze went to the girls in Monrose.

The comeback
BRAVO explains the new looks! In the first group picture on Tokio Hotel after almost six months and what has happened!
Bill and Tom (both 19), Gustav (20) and Georg (22) has a whole new look!
But it is a very nice change! Especially Bills new hairdo is a real eye-catcher: his wild straggly hair is changed to black and white dreadlocks.
It seems like he is imitating his twin brother Tom - who almost had the same hairstyle.
But the hair does not only contain thick dreads. In between them, we can also see braids.

The drummer Gustav have gone through the most obvious change: He has taken on his glasses! As he previously had only been wearing outside the limelight, backstage or at home. Moreover, his hair is now much shorter. Super Nice, Gustav!

And what happened to George? His hair is a little bit longer. But the cool thing is that George lost a lot of weight! 10 kilograms at least, as a friend to the band says, he has now a really athletic body. And in his previous round face, his cheek bones are now clearly visible - almost like Bill´s!

Bills brother Tom still look’s like he use to, at the photo. Background: shortly after the photo of the band, he re-styled his hair, he both cut of his blonde dreadlocks and dyed it black. He now has cornrows - innumerable braids lying close to the head.

The new look’s already there - but where are the new songs? Unfortunately it will still be a long time to wait: The album of the Magdeburgers, which was supposed to come now in the spring, won’t com until the earliest in the autumn...

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