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13/20 Tokio Hotel Special (with translation)

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz had it clear. At barely 12 years of age the German twins had the firm conviction that music was their thing…and they were not wrong. In 2001 Bill in the roll of singer and Tom as the guitarist convinced Gustav to be the drummer and Georg Listing to do his thing as the bassist and form a group of which their main objective was to perform live.
Two years later the group signed a contract with Universal Music and take on the name Tokio Hotel. From there the quartet from Magdeburg prepared their ideas for their first album which finally went on sale in 2005 titled Schrei. The singles “Durchen den Monsun”, “Rette Mich” and “Der Letzte Tag from the debut album which rapidly climbed to the top of the German charts. And a few months later the showy look of the singer Bill Kaulitz (hair standing up, painted nails and eye makeup) and the melancholy sound of punk passed through a pop filter awakened a strong interest in European kids. Zimmer 483 appears in 2007 as the second entry to their catalog and confirms the rise of a group that started playing live more each time and while watching their fans grow in numbers. And to reinforce that growth the band decides to put all their energy in extending their phenomenon in the Anglo market. How? They translated a selection of songs to English from their first two albums for “Scream” the last disco graphic piece from the quartet that unleashes the hysteria from the fanatics that follow their every move. “We’ve come further than we thought in the beginning…none of us imagined this, not the producer, not the manager no one” commented Bill about the fame a group used to signing autographs, taking pictures and hearing the loud screaming at their concerts.

New Look and sights (black section)

These days the Kaulitz brothers and their band mates have put all their energy on working on their new studio album. Internet buzz is that the new single will be out in September. A month later the new album will hit stores and soon after the band will begin promoting worldwide which will include concerts with renewed nails on stage (I have no idea what that part means). That show is what local producers are negotiating to have in Santiago for the first part of 2010. The initial plan was for the group to begin their first South American tour at the end of this year, but the work on the album has delayed the dates for their awaited visit. Patience!

Bigger every time! (green)

From Germany to the world.
They started at age 12 with the idea of playing live as much as they could. Today the Kaulitz brothers are 19 years old and have fans in every corner of the planet following every move this successful band makes. These days the quartet is preparing the details of a new album that could have them in Chile for the first time at the beginning of next year.

All Stars 16/09


Black 16/09


Teen Posters 02/09

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Top Music Nr. 107


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Hit Musique China #

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Tokio Hotel

Year of rising to fame: 2005

Age of rising to fame: 16

Representative Work:<>

They have won 7 Awards in 2005, 8 Awards in 2006, 11 Awards in 2007, and 14 Awards in 2008. It's just pass the half of the year, they won the Best Online Star of the German Comet Awards. That's the amazing charm this German Rock band, Tokio Hotel, shows.

There are four person in this band. The frontman is Bill Kaulitz, the Guitarist is Tom Kaulitz(They are twins), the Drummer is Gustav Schafer and the Bassist is Georg Listing. In 2001 the band built up in Magdburg, and at that time the name of the band was Devilish. They had some small shows in Magdburg, but maybe because they were so young that there were little people noticed them. The frontman Bill Kaulitz has taken part in a TV competition show, but he failed in the semi-finals, but this was also the begin of success. Record producer Peter Hoffmann found that Bill was potential. The name of the Band changed into Tokio Hotel. Tokio means Tokyo in German. They used this word because they thought, that the city Tokyo was very cool, and they always sleep in hotels, so they had this name. And Peter Hoffman recommended them to Sony Company. David Jost and Pat Benzner took part in this band, as lyrics and song writer, and they taught the young people how to play the Instruments. In September, 2005 they have publicated their first album <>, Almost all the songs in this album were made by Peter Hoffman, David Jost and Pat Benzner, and the song <><> were made by them three together. Tokio Hotel wrote only one song <>. The publication of this album was the most important turning point for the band. And the band became very famous in Germany. In 2007 the band have publicated 2 albums, in February was the album <>, this was also a german album and had a very good sale. In this time Tokio Hotel was already the most famous rock band in Germany, but because of the language barrier, their album was not very famous in the other countries, so they have publicated their English album <> in June. And because of this album, they have became the most famous and important band in the world and many young person love them. The beauty of the frontman Bill Kaulitz is unforgetable.

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Bravo 31/09

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translation from German by Freja
To english by Kaa


Brutal beating
Exclusive! Tokio Hotel-drummer Gustav to BRAVO: The scars will remain forever!

These images really gives goose bumps! Tokio Hotel-drummer Gustav Schäfer (20) was brutally beaten! How could this happen?
The story of a dramatic night: Gustav wanted to party in his hometown Magdeburg. At half 3 o'clock at night, he goes with a friend to the discotheque "The Club" –who this evening, are playing the Black Music. Shortly after 4, when the drummer is talking to some girls, he gets attacked by 3 men! They intimidate Gustav (1.68 cm) and beats him in the face.

The men disappears for a little while. A few seconds later, they are attacking him again, this time from behind! "One of the three hit him in the head with a bottle," says "The Club" s owner Panos Kondogtis (47) to Bravo. When the glass shattering, Gustav gets large number of cuts on the head - one was over 5 cm long! A witness reported: "Gustav bled terribly from the head." His friend led him to the bathroom at the disco, and tried to stop the bleeding with towels. When the ambulance arrives takes Gustav courteous goodbye to the owner, and says to him: "I am sorry for you. And min. See ya. "At the hospital, they shaved of some hair and sewn the wounds with 36 stitches. Then he can go home ....

A few days after the nasty attacks he talks exclusively with Bravo.
bravely he says: "I am better already. Okay, I'm not great yet, but still better." Why he was attacked, he does not know. "No idea, maybe they had been drinking something strange." But witnesses say that the girls who talked to Gustav, was apparently girl friends of the offender and therefore perhaps jealousy and envy led to the attack. "Envy can lead people to do terrible things," said Gustav. "But I am not quite the great womanizer, as you become jealous of." Details about the evening may not the Tokio Hotel-drummer tell.
As the police investigation against beater - Gustav has filed a complaint against the unknown. The star is not looking for revenge: "But I hope that the guilty are apprehended, so that does not get up to more trouble. Vindictive, I am not." And this despite the fact that he will remember this terrible night the rest of his life. "The scars will remain, but I do not think it is so bad. There are more important things in life," he says bravely. Gustav see it positively: "I could have had the bottle and glass fragments in the eye. It would have been really bad, "he says. "I can be glad that I did not get the bottle from the front but from behind the . In other words, thanks to their being so sneaky , I was not blind!" How will Gustav protect himselves against such attacks in future? "I have so far always thought it was important to have my privacy without security people, who follow every step I take. I do not want to lose my old life," he determines. "But how I can do in the future, I know still do not."

He is very grateful to all his friends and fans: "I have received an incredible number of letters and support. It's crazy how much love they have shown me, I am so touched. Thank you so much!"

RU: Bravo 29/09

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Bravo 30/09 #

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Tokio Hotel-The Comeback

Now it all gets serious! Tokio Hotel are preparing a comeback. Bravo has got the first pics...

Pic #1 (Bill)- In the breaks Bill writes (with striking new eye make-up) autographes

Pic #2 (Georg)- Is my hair good? Georg is experimenting with his head

Pic#3 (TH)- Gustav (20), Tom (19), Bill (19) and Georg (22) Start in the Fall with their new sound

Pic #4 (GG)- Fun at the set: Georg takes Gustav (always more frequently with glasses) on his back

Pic#5 (Tom)- Styling expert: Tom searches the clothing rack for the perfect look for the shoot

Pic #6 (Georg)- "During the shooting Georg had been eating bananas all the time, and because of that he didn't came out of the bathroom

Pic #7 (Tom)- Tom without hat, but with bandana. The guitarist has got his own internet blog now at

It's been two years, two long years since the last Tokio Hotel album "Zimmer 483" conquered the world. From then the are waitning for new music from the German world stars. Now it's finally coming again. Inthe Fall the new CD should come and bring a completely new Tokio Hotel-sound. And because the CD would have a beautiful cover, Bill(19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (22) meet at a secret place, to make photo's.

The four guys are in a good mood and excited to finally start again. they're laughing, making cool poses, are being crazy, and sitting on each others back and acting like normal guys. The pressure has finally gone away. Everyone is expecting a big succes. Especially in the USA, the new album will be a big break through.

But Bill &co don't get stressed:"We took extra long time to make this CD" says producer David Jost from LA. "We didn't want any pressure and wanted to try everything. So it doesn't matter to them that the photoshoot is taking forever:two days long, untill late at night. "The ones to blame are Gustav and Georg." laughs Tom ( 19). "They took forever on the make-up chair."
Bill took care of his styling himself and also designed his clothing. And changed his hair to: First lionmanes now long dreadlocks.

New look perfect for the new Album. Now nothing can go wrong anymore;

Traduction Tom_Reden pour Tokio Hotel US

Yes Teen

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