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Bravo 22/09 #

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Better Translation by Onerva/th_apex:

In September, the new Tokio Hotel album we're all waiting for will finally be released.
BRAVO wsa the first to be allowed to hear the brandnew songs. Top-Secret-Premier, nothing is allowed to be told.
BRAVO Edito-in-chief: "Just this much: WOW, what an amazing sound! So much power, so new, so international and unexpectedly different. This has nothing to do with "Durch den Monsun" anymore. I'm totally surprised how the band has musically changed and what all they dared to do!"

The Scene-Club "Puro Sky Lounge" at the Berlin Kurfürstendamm. It's 1 at night. US-Superstar Beyonce Knowles is celebrating her Aftershowparty here.
Invited. 2 very special guests. The TH Twins!
Bill & Tom are in the mood to party.
After all the trouble with the crazy stalker girls who even threatend their family, they finally wanna have fun again.
Next trouble is not far away though: Even their boys' night out doesn't save them from groping attacks. Puro-Host Ivan joins them. The unique guy wiht his silver glitter hat, a red palstic flower and a yellow frilled shirt. He snuggles up on Bill, pats his leg. What the hell is going on here?

Nobody dares to come close to Tom. The reason: his new bad boy look.
Everything at him is black now: the bandana, the lip-piercing and his new earring. Even his blonde dreads were traded with deepblack cornrows. From the TH guitarist to a Gangsta?

His inspiration for the new look might have been his favourite rapper Samy Deluxe.
But the twins are partying with another hard rapper this night. Bushido's best friend, Kay One. He's famous for long nights and wild parties.

"The twins became really good friends of mine" Kay One tells BRAVO.
"Bill & Tom are great guys and you can party hard with them". Until 4 in the morning...

The next day it goes back in the studio for them again. The new album will be released in September, the first single most probably end of July.

David Jost: "We have 17 songs finished as of now. I think we will end up with 25 songs. We have sooo much awesome material, I don't even know yet what to do with it all!"

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