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Bravo 37/06 (06.09.06) #

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Translation(out of a forum)

So different are the twins

The most famous German twins have become 17
Tom and Bill from Tokio Hotel. Bravo reveals everything in the big Twin-interview, what they love, how they think and what they fight about….

Tom wears big shirt, Bill tight pants. Tom doesn’t say no to a one-night-stand. Bill believes in one true love. Nevertheless: the Tokio Hotel twins have a magical connection and are always together. With Bravo they talk about what they makes them alike and what makes them different…..

Bravo: You are twins. Tom is only 10 minutes older. Are you even different then one another?
Tom: Besides our physical connection is everything different
Bill: We also like the same girls
Tom: That’s right. We also have the same opinion very often. We know each other by heart.
Bill: We are soul mates! For example, one night we had exact the same dream, we often say exactly the same. And when we are separated we know when something is wrong with the other one.

Bravo: In old pictures you look and wear the same. When have you guys developed an own style separated from each other?
Bill: When I was about 7 years. Till that moment we looked completely the same.
Tom: We wanted to find out what we really wanted to be.

Bravo: Do you like what the other one is wearing?
Tom: We respect each other of course, but I would never wear pants like Bill has. If I would wear such pants that just come over your ass I would look laughable.
Bill: I think it is funny when you see your jeans just from the knee

Bravo: Do you tell each other when you don’t like something?
Tom: Off course, then I say: “Bill, that looks horrible!”
Bill: and then I say: “So what, that’s your opinion!”(laughing)

Bravo: You have a different taste when it comes to music! Do you often fight about it?
Tom: No. We don’t fight about it. When I was about 7 I started listening to rockbands like AC/DC and Aerosmith. Bill was then in his Nena-phase.
Bill: We both have an own room. We always had something like a little competition who can play the loudest music. We only have an argue about what’s on TV. When there if a hip-hop video on VIVA I just want to zap away and Tom wants to watch. (laughing)

Bravo: When it comes to romance you also are totally different, or not?
Tom: We think completely different about that. I think one-night-stands are really romantic. (laughs)
Bill: Like you can see, Tom doesn’t know anything about romance.

Bravo: What is the most romantic thing that you have done, Bill? And Tom, what was the most not-romantic what you have done?
Tom: When you think a one-night-stand is not-romantic then I have done many unromantic things in my life!
Bill: When I had a girlfriend I occasionally cooked for her. We locked ourselves in my room, I had placed a lot of candles, had rented some DVD’s and we ate a lot of sweets.
Tom: Candles and cooking aren’t my thing. I would rather propose to make it comfortable in my bed. (laughs)

Bravo: Who of you two in true loves believes is now clear, or not?
Bill: I believe in true love. It must be a wonderful feeling. It’s so overwhelming and heartwarming that you never want it to leave. When you have found that person you know you want to get old with her, but not many people on this world are that lucky to find true love. There are so many people on this earth, it is just very difficult.
Tom: I don’t believe in true love. Maybe someone will make me change my mind some day. There must be someone for everybody.

Bravo: Bill, why don’t you have one-night-stands?
Bill: It’s just not my thing. My time is precious, and I wanna spend it with people that mean something to me. When I let someone in it should be something that lasts, not just for one night.
Tom: I am not saying that I only have one-night-stands. Sometimes I call back and we meet again, then it becomes a two or three-night-stand. (laughs)

Bravo: What makes you two different when you are naked?
Bill: I have a mole underneath my chin- Tom on his cheek. Tom has a wider nose then me and I am with 1.83m bigger then he. He is a shorty. (laughs)
Tom: Bill is only bigger in the length, everything else is bigger with me.
Bill: We could go on like this the whole day, it always goes like this. We always make fun like this. Georg is also really good at it.
Tom: I never say something like that twice. I always say something that suits the moment. But you should also be able to say the truth to someone’s face. (both laughing hysterically)

Bravo: Is there something that you don’t share?
Bill: A girlfriend
Tom: That’s right
Bill: But also, a girl could never come between us. We never let that happen. We will always stay together. When we have an argument with somebody we are a team. Nobody can tear us apart