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Jovem Nr. 156 #

Part 1

Hey guys, how are you?
Bill: We spend a lot of nights waken up and we are still a little bit tired. But despite of that, it's everything fine!

Did you guys were celebrating something?
Tom: No, not at all. We are full of work and really close to the album's release. The stress is up and, as always, we left everything to the end.

Are you happy with the final result of Humanoid?
Bill: I am really happy with it. Every songs are perfect.

Some journalists refer this album release as the "comeback of Tokio Hotel".
Bill: During the year we have been producing the album and we wanted, in some way, to step asside, desapear...
Bill: At some point I couldn't see my face neather hear my name. I wanted my rest back so I could concentrate myself again on the music. But there is always someone who doesn't let us in peace.

As for example the four french fans that stalked and complicated your lifes?
Bill: Those were complicated situations, they happened and we couldn't avoid them.
This thing with the french fans seemed a little bit weird, it looked like made-up.
Tom: People think that 90% of what is going on with us is made-up, but it's right the opposite.
Bill: I swear that this story is not made-up. Maybe that will help people to have a little idea of the life we take. For a long time we don't have a normal and private life.
Tom: This year we tryed not to attract attentions to us. We wanted to concentrate in work, in the conception of the album. We didn't went to parties, we leaved home and get on studio. We spent a lot of time in Hamburg, where we live, and, in between, we went to Los Angeles and Miami, in the USA. We prefer to stay in Germany to spend a little more time with our parents and our dogs. The main part of the album was done through internet. We recorded the voices and guitar sounds in Hamburgo and the producers, in Los anfeles, did the mix. We comunicated with them by Skype.

Do you still have a private life?
Tom: No, nothing.
Bill: For example, we can't eat a ice cream with our family in public. The only moment when we are alone is on the car, that's why we decided to contract a driver. The time we spend on the car is our moment of freedom and the only one left.

What you said is a little bit desconcentrated. The idea of "we can only be ourselfs in the car".
Bill: That's true. During this year when we were almost always on the studio, we finally realized that we gave up on everything. But we would do the same choices again. After all, we have a lot of rewards. Sometimes I think "Damm, and I even receive money to do what I like". It makes me so happy!

What do you do on your free time?
Bill: Work. Me and Tom, we usually laugh when we read some stuff likw "the publicity machine behind Tokio Hotel" and those kinds of stupidities.
Tom: The 10 persons of our team work exclusively for the band. Each one of those 10 members does a specific task. All them are with us, so, we participated in all this process.
Bill: Tom and I, we are really perfeccionists and controllers. But this is OUR band! It was us who created Tokio Hotel and ecery decisions that have to do with the group, should be taken by us.

The new single Automatic get's right on our ears.
Bill: Yes, it's a nice song to hear while we are travelling in our cars. I realized we use that word a lot of times in our days. Thousands of things in our life are automatic and most of them are positive. What is not in this "word" is love. Love will never be automatic.

But in the song it is...
Bill: Sometimes it happens.

Do some relationships really work in automatic control?
Tom: Yes. When I am with older people I ask them how can them live with the same person year after yeat. I can't imagine myself to share a life with my woman.

Bill: I can
Tom: No, I don't. It would impose myself a lot of limitations. People accomodate very easily and the relationship get's monotone. I know older couples that shared a life time together. I find that a little romantic.
Bill: People shouldn't live for another that easily. They should be glad for have found each other and give some value. I think it's possible to share a life with someone.

Bill: When I will be in love, I will do my bags and I am going to live in another place.
Tom: Forget it Bill, we will live together for the rest of our lifes.
Bill: In that case, we will have to do a sliding door in the middle of the house. On one side, I will live with my girlfriend, and on the other side, there will you be living.

You share the same house?
Tom: We can't leave away of each other. Each one of us has his room and his bathroom, but we spend the days together.

Bill, art this moment, are you in love?
Bill: No, but I would like it. It hurts me to give everytime the same answer, but, at this moment, I am with anyone. Fall in love might be the last thing I will do in my life.

Why do you think that way?
Bill: There are a lot of people who get closer to me with a studied text. I can't be waiting for them to be sincere. They just see Bill Kaulitz. Most of them just think about money and some just want to ask me things of the genre "I am stilist, do you want to dress the T-shirt that i dressed?". I find it disgusting.
Tom: It's very hard to meet someone with who we can be involved one day. Beside that, we spend our time jumping from a city to another diferent one. For 4 years we don't do friends. First, it's had to trust people; Second everything is really fast and we end up being superficial.

It's a very negative vision of people...
Tom: There is something rooted. It's the fruit of circunstances.
Bill: Okay it's like an excuse, it's an evasion.
Tom: But that's the truth.
Bill: But it would be really nice if we could meet someone who don't has TV for 10 years and that never ever have heard talk about Tokio Hotel. That way we could live a little bit like "normal" people. The people when they know me, they have already an idea of me.
Tom: A lot of times we clarify their minds. We make them understand that they are completly wronf.

Bill, there are a lot of people who say that you don't like girls.
Bill: Yes, that happens a lot of times. When they don't know me, the question os always on the air. They should think "He wears make up, his clothes are weird. Yes, he might be gay".

That doesn't bother you?
Bill: No, nothing. I am used to it since always. At the school it was the same.
Tom: It's rare girls think that about him. There were always a lot of girls who wanted him. Mainly, are the boys thinking he is homossexual.
Bill: A lot of guys get angry and with theyr pride hurted when I do have a girlfriend and they think that I have a weak masculine side.

You mother married recently with her partner.
Bill: Yes, that's cool, right? It's her first marriage. Our parents were never married.

Don't you find romantic the fact that she wanted to marry after 12 years of living with him?
Bill: Yes, I am very happy for my mother. Our stepfather always incentivated our will to do music. We grow up with him and we always got well together.
Tom: I found the idea of marry very pretty. But I can't imagine my self giving that step.
Bill: I always said I wouldn't marry, but now I am not sure anymore. If I fall really in love, everything is possible. When I will find my soul mate, I will marry her.

In September 1st, you guys did 20 years. It was a bif step?
Bill: I would like to be 18 forever. We felt much more older than we were, because since 15 we work and win our money.
Tom: 20 years seem to be a very important date but I can't wait to turn 21. In the United Stated we have a problem, we can only take alcohol drinks when we have that age.

Were there any plan or strategy in the Humanoid conception?
Tom: The plan was not to have a plan. Have bass, batery and guitar in the band and try our a little more of electro.
Bill: We didn't wanted a sound that would be completly Rock neather that would be just connected to one style. We wanted to do cool songs. Was a really long creative process.

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