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GQ 10/09 #

And dad comes with the baseballbat, the crazy world of Tokio Hotel.

Introducing Tokio Hotel is not necessary, but you slowly have to take them serious.
What started as a schoolband story in 2001, is now the biggest Pop phenomenon and export-act since Rammstein.
The third CD :Humanoid (2.10 from Universal music) is also awaited by fans in France and America with shivering cheeks, the Rolling Stones magazine celebrates the 20 year old twins Bill(singer) and Tom (guitar)
as style icons.
For GQ the twins take us on the ultimate shorttrip through their universe.

The Style of Tokio Hotel.

Bill: already way before the band began I loved going outside the house
with make up and everything that goes with it.
I didn't feel like I was dressed up, but felt like myself.
actually, when I have a few days off these days, what hardly happens,
I love sitting around unshaved, with no make up and in joggingpants on he couch. it is a pretty nice chance.

Tom: I have always had these urban haircuts.
used to be dreadlocks, now cornrows (africanbraids)
I like easycare hair. you get up in the morning and don't have to fix your hair first.

The Idols of Tokio Hotel:

Bill: I had always had a love for vampire movies, I like Nena and David Bowie.
I never thought, I want to look like that.
The japanese Visual-Kei-scene ( comics and punk inspired fashionmovement) to what I often get compared, I did not know it.
Tom: I like tough guys. Steve McQueen and Robert De Niro.
I want to look like that when I am old.
I can imagine I would wear a beard then.

Tokio Hotel and rebellism.

Bill: our stepfather picked us up from the town once with a baseballbat
because older boys had threatened to beat us up.
We already polarised when we were 9, and were contious of it.
the more the people got agitated by my dark make up the darker it would be the next day.

Tokio Hotel and Sex:

Bill: at concerts I could ofcourse say to one of the securitypeople:
That one, that one and this one, bring them to me later.
but it doesn't turn me on, I have to be in love.

Tom: to get with me, you don't need any difficult tricks(laughs)
I have taken extreme advantage of that for a long time, had a lot of
"short stories" going on.
but it was only something physical and nothing more.

Bill: Once I got to my hotelroom and there were 3 girls laying on the bed.
The bodyguards went nuts and threw them out ofcourse.
but things like that happen. the girls come in through the window.

TokioHotel and privacy.

Tom: since a few years we live very secluded lives.
If we ever go outside the house, then we always have security with us.
Going out and walking around spontaniously, we can not do that anymore.
In the last year I have not met even one person simply on the street.

Tokio Hotel and the Business:

Tom Our new album is also a thank you to our German fans,
for staying true to us, while we were touring the world.
That we often work with older people during our workingdays
does not bother us at all.
Bill: I totally love hanging out with older people!
I would love to have an old folks club.
I would meet them every afternoon for coffee.
(interview Jürgen Ziemer)

When tokio hotel had their first number 1 hit, in 2005 with Durch Den Monsun, Bill wore a combination of punk, emo and a "I slept bad last night" on his head.

for their second album (zimmer 483) the singer presented himself in 2007 with new porcupine hair, that looked like it came from japanese manga.
but that seems to be a coincidence.

Noble Rasta:
The last scream for the new album:Humanoid.
designer dreadlocks with bright extensions.
it has nothing to do with reggae.
Bill just wanted a change..

translation by pat/tha

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