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translation by neelyo(tha)

Do you know everything about Tokio Hotel?

Here comes this school year's best exam. The subject? Tokio Hotel! (and the rest is too blurry, I can't read it)

1.-What sport did he practice when he was a kid?
2.-How many tattoos does he have?
3.-Georg's bass is always a specific brand, which brand is it?
4.-What's the name of his turtle?
5.-Do you know his three last names?
6.-His favorite bands are...
7.-Does he sleep with or without pj's?

1.-Which TH song is his favorite to play live?
2.-What's the worst moment of his life?
3.-Favorite color?
4.-How many guitars does he have?
5.-What's the name of his cat?
6.-How old was Tom when he goto the dreads?
7.-What's the name of their mother?

1.-What's the name of his dog?
2.-Which two careers did he start?
3.-Does he have any siblings?
4.-When did he start playing the drums?
5.-What surgeries has he undergone?
6.-Do you know how tall he is?
7.-How old was Gustav when he met the twins?

1.-Bill is younger than Tom, how much younger?
2.-When he was a kid, what did Bill want to be when he grew up?
3.-What song did he sing for Star Search?
4.-What is he allergic to?
5.-When did he start writing songs?
6.-What's the name of his best friend?
7.-When did he get his first piercing?

Boys with some flow

Tokio Hotel's guitar player has been faithful to the hip hop look since he was nine. His jeans are always three of four sizes bigger. (something I can't read) 'I'll never dress like my brother Bill'.
I'm sorry there are bits that are not translated, the scan is kind of blurry

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