Dienstag, 24. März 2009



The sexiest celebrities under 25-years-old

Bill & Tom Kaulitz (19)

Guess what? You win! We compressed the twins from the German Kaulitz's family to one place, and it's gave to you multiple portion of Kaulitz to your vein. Worth, doesn't it? What can we write about Bill & Tom that we don't already wrote, here in Rosh 1? The vocalist and the guitarist of Tokio Hotel is what calling in cinematic slang - "Double Pitcher (?)" - Two in One cost. In one hand we have Bill, ambassador of the Emo-Goth and the emotional, and in the other hand we have Tom that give us the merchandise of the naughty Hip-Hop-Dreads guy.

The last year was very succesful for Tokio Hotel at all and the brothers in particular. They conquer America, win in many MTV awards, release new DVD and of course gave us exclusive interview. Beacause we save a contact with them, be sure that we update them about their location in our prestigious list, and now they have more reason to love Israel. And yeah, we await in impatience to their new album too. When they will publish it?!

p.s.: message for Gustav & Georg: Don't be upset, We love you too!

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