Sonntag, 9. August 2009

RO: Popcorn 08/09 #


Hatters attacks: Tokio Hotel and Jonas Brothers!
The are the most hatted celebs on the internet! This sad title must be shared by Tokio Hotel and Jonas Brothers. No one is more chased, cursed and offended like they are. There are sites where everyone can express their hate for the four boys of TH and the Jonas Brothers. The fact that Bill and Tom are been treated as two homosexuals is nothing. Some actions are really hard: There are offending manips, death threats and even games like "killing someone", as an example "Kill the Jonas (right picture)", in which users can kill the three brothers in different ways. For this they can use a frying pan, a swordfish, a fork or and arrow. This 'jokes' are over any limit and should be forbidden!

Translation chris_shadowkat@THUS

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