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Bravo Nr. 36

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Tokio Hotel: Our new life!
Tokio Hotel reloaded! In a BRAVO interview they talked about their looks, celebrity friendships and new love, everything is new for Tokio Hotel!

Everything is new for Tokio Hotel! The 2.10. will their new album "Humanoid" finally be released and the single "Automatisch" will be released already at the 18.9. But when we ask Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (22) in a BRAVO interview in Hamburg, it soon became clear: They have not only a new fresh sound. What has changed for the boys and who is in love they tells here ...

BRAVO: Bill, you are now also literally a "big" star ...
Bill: I am 1.90 meters, which is 2 cm taller than Tom (laughing).
BRAVO: How does it go with you comeback?
Bill: For us it does not feel like a comeback, we've been working all the time. But we are excited about what the fans will like our new songs.
BRAVO: Tom, you have cut of your loved Dreadlock. Sad?
Bill: It was hard for him.
Tom: No, it's not true.
Bill: But he was very upset. He wanted to get rid of the dreadlocks, he had thought about it long. It was really hard for him. Then I persuaded him to dye his hair.
BRAVO: Bill now has dreadlocks, Gustav has a new pair of glasses - only Georg looks like always ...
Tom: (laughs) But soon, he might change the intimate haircut.
Georg: Exactly, I shave a couple of flames (laughs).
BRAVO: In the U.S., you are now stars. Do you already have celebrity friends in the States?
Bill: It was quite cool to know the rapper Jay-Z. With him, we had a nice evening, ate and drank together in Los Angeles. It was very relaxed.
BRAVO: What about Miley Cyrus?
Bill: She is super. We met her on the Video Music Awards. Miley is a real whirlwind. She makes one happy when you're tired.
BRAVO: Tom, you have had a hot flirt with Chantelle of Flipsyde. Is this something serious?
Tom: She is a very nice girl, but otherwise it is nothing. I'm not the guy who has time for relationships.
BRAVO: Who of you are in love?
Georg: I have a girlfriend. We have been together for six months. She is not known and would not be it. I met her in Magdeburg at a party - and it seems to be the big love, the guys also think that she is nice ...

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