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Super Teen 06/09 #





The Kaulitz Twins: what they have in common and what sets them apart

Bill and Tom...are twin brothers and are part of one of the world's most famous bands, Tokio Hotel! One is the lead singer, the other is the guitar player...that's where the differences between these two twin brothers begin but there are many more. We see that what they have in common is much stronger that those differences between them.

What's different

His nickname is 'sexgott' which means Sex God.
He likes to fall asleep to the sound of TV
Unlike Bill, he's not into tattoos but he respects his brother's choices and taste.
He has a lip piercing
He's 1.80m, he's shorter than Bill!
He's a little more relaxed than Bill and does not take things so seriously. He thinks more before making decisions.
His style is more on the hip hop, sporty side.
He loves hip hop and rap. He likes Sammy Deluxe, a German hip hop artist.
He's less romantic than his brother.
Bill thinks Tom should cut his dreads and wear less baggy clothes.
He has a scar on his cheek and his nose is longer than Bill's.

His nickname was Macky, and it was given to him by his grandma because he loved McDonald's.
When it's time to go to bed, he prefers total silence to be able to fall asleep. No noise!
He has four tattoos: Tokio Hotel's symbol on the nape of his neck, a star on the hip, 'Freiheit 89' written on his left forearm (which means Freedom 89), and on the left side of his torso, two phrases in German.
He has 2 piercings: one tongue piercing and the other one on his right eyebrow.
He's 1.83m
Bill wants to find true love and is waiting for his perfect match.
He's very spontaneous when making decisions and does not think much before making them.
His style is influenced by Gothic style and Rock.
He enjoys listening to rock and romantic music. One of the singers he admires the most is Nena, a German pop singer.
His brother thinks he's too romantic.
Tom thinks Bill should wear baggier clothes and doesn't know how is it that he can wear such tight-fitting boxers.
He has a birth mark under his chin.

What they have in common
Bill and Tom were born on September 1, 1989 in Leipzig, Germany under the sign of Virgo.
Bill was born 10 minutes after Tom.
Tom says that his best birthday present came 10 minutes after he was was Bill!
Their parents got divorced when they were only 6 and after that, they lived with their mother and stepfather, who is a guitar player.
They live in Loitsche, a town near Magdeburg.
Bill and Tom have a box where they put each other's bad pictures and when they are mad at each other, they show the other's pictures as revenge.
They are both very stubborn and never stop fighting for what they want.
They both like pizza and hate broccoli.
They love to laugh together, at times, it's enough to hear one of them laughing so that the other starts laughing too.
They say that the only thing they don't do together is showering. Other than that, they are inseparable!
They have a very strong relationship, they know what the other is thinking and feeling. They say they'd do everything for the other, even dying!

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