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Notas Para ti 199/09 #

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Very talented kiddies!
This guys' interest in music started when they were only kids, check out what kind of kids they were.

"It was really cool to play guitar"
-He met his best friend when he was 5, they were two mischievous kids!
-He had a playhouse where he would take girls and kiss them!
-His first day of school que felt like a real grown up!
-His grandfather was his idol.
Tom: little rebel!

"They said that I sang well so my mom took me to every audition she could"
-He's always hated spinach. Who doesn't?
-He and Tom behaved badly in class, they had to put those two in different classes!
-When he was 9, he kissed a girl for the first time!
-One day, Tom threw up all over him while in the bus, ugh!
Bill: A real kid!

"My dad has an old drum set in the basement, I started playing and it turned into my hobby"
-He loved PE and Economics
-It took him a while to grow up, he was a little short.
-He started playing drums when he was 6!
-He talked so much that people used to call him 'the little one with the big mouth' (really!? :wha:)
Gustav: Was unstoppable!

"It was interesting to play bass, I decided to learn how to and then I didn't want to stop"
-Psychology was his favorite subject
-He was always the rebel of his class. Oops!
-When he was 11 he started playing volleyball.
-Even when he was an only child, he never really wanted a little brother.
-His nickname is Hobbit because of the Lord of the Rings movie, haha!
Georg: 'Anti-school'

First steps
-Since they met they got along great despite their very different personalities and different taste in music.
-Their first big concert in the UK (huh? :confused:) was total success!
-The band's name was Devilish but they decided to look for a new name that truly represented their life style.
-As the singer of the band, Bill's look always gave the band a unique touch.

Part 2

Bill Kaulitz
The secrets of his look!
It's impossible to not look at Bill, he's irresistible and has an incredibly authentic look, let's check it out.

Messy hair?
Bill's personality is defined by his hair and he he knows how to rock that hair with style.
The lion mane and with lots of hair spray is his most daring look.
When he wants to feel lighter he wears his hair down. Very handsome!
The new thing are the dreads he's experimenting with.

Lots of clothes!
Although we'd like to see him a little less covered up, we analyze his outfit too.
Whether they are red or black, this rocker loves big, bold prints. Great!
His jeans are straight without being skinny and they make him look thinner.
Bright colors, dark colors, it doesn't really matter a good leather jacket is a must.

Boy with makeup!
The heartthrob of your dreams wears eyeshadow! Follow his technique step by step.
-Smoky eyes with dark eyeshadow and black eyeliner
-Moisturizes his lips with lip gloss. Yummy lips!
-Black and nail polish on his nails. Cool!

Tom Kaulitz
Head to toe
For you to know what Tom's look is like, we analyze every body part. Which one is your favorite?

Mysterious attitude
He always looks serious, he loves to play with a combination of innocence and mystery, but he never smiles!

For him, hats and headbands are essential! His look is a mix of hip hop and reggae. Do you like it?

The hair!
Without his dreadlocks it wouldn't be him, he's had them since he was 12 and he's said that he will have them for a while!

The lips
Lips are always a reflection of sensuality and Tom is not the exception to this because he has a very nice lip ring!

The outfit
Tom wears clothes that are three sizes bigger, all his t-shirts are huge on him!
For the type of jeans he wears, big sneakers are perfect!
The jeans have to be baggy and comfortable, to feel good!

Part 3
(Page 06)

About their signatures!
We know that these boys have many secrets, that's why we've analyzed their signatures. To know what they never tell!

Bill: Beautiful inside and out!
Bill's signature is easy to read, that's how we know he's a sweet, practical and romantic guy. And a ladies man, too!

Tom: Big flirt!
A flirt, a little bit of a macho and a guy who loves to make fun of people! That's what we discovered in the lines of this stunner.

Gustav: negative?
The quick and slightly tilted to the right line shows that he's impulsive and pessimistic. Oops!

Georg: Material boy!
His autograph reveals that he's unfaithful and ambitious; one of his main interests is money! Wow!

Part 4
(Page 11)

Are you Tokio Hotel's number one fan? We dare you to answer this Tokio-puzzle that we put together for you. Ready? Go!

1.- How old was Bill when he started writing songs?
2.- What's the last name of the person who encouraged the twins to pursue a music career?
3.-What was the band's name before they turned into Tokio Hotel?
4.- Which band member is the oldest?
5.- Tom's favorite color is...

6.- What was the name of the TV show where Bill appeared?
7.- Birthplace of the Kaulitz twins...
8.- Name of the single with which Tokio Hotel was introduced to the Mexican fans
9.- Third name of Tokio Hotel's drummer
10.- What's the name of the club where Bill and Tom met Gustav and Georg?

Answers: 1)Seven 3)Devilish 4)Georg 5)Blue 6)Kinder Star Search 7)Leipzig
8)Monsoon 9)Wolfgang 10)Groeninger

Part 4
(Page 12-13)

Tokio Hotel: we caught them red-handed!
Have you ever asked yourself what the Tokio Hotel guys do when they are not on stage? Take a look at these pages and then you'll know! Just pay attention.

100% Laziness
These guys know how to take things seriously. When they have to work, they are real professionals and on vacation they have a blast!

Mmmh, delicious!
We caught them here grabbing a bite. They are a bit picky, they won't eat just anywhere. But like the well-behaved kids that they are, they finish it all up.

Out for a drink
Just like you and your friends, the Tokio Hotel guys love to go for a coffee sometimes. If they are not on tour, they enjoy going out to clubs. Here's the proof!

Travelling around
These hotties spend a lot of time on planes, that's why they use their camera for fun and to make fun of each other!

Part 5
(Page 14)
Georg: Romantic and a sleepyhead
He might seem a bit tough but this boy is still waiting for his true love. Find out more!

-Georg loves to sleep and he takes naps whenever time allows him.
-If he likes a girl, he doesn't hesitate and takes the first step. He's very determined!
-Even though he's a romantic, he's never been in love. Care to be the first one?
-This hottie loves animals so much, that his best friend is his dog Garon, they're inseparable!
-The coolest way to catch his eye is being really sexy and laughing at all of his jokes.
-Despite all the fame, what he values the most are the moments he gets to spend with his mom because he's an only child and he lives with her ever since his parents got divorced.
-He dreams of having a convertible Lamborghini.
-When he was a kid his nickname was 'Moritz' or 'Hagen'.

Gustav:Cute everywhere you look!
We tell you what he likes, what makes him mad, even what makes him cry. You'll know everything about Tokio Hotel's drummer. Write it down!

-In his free time he loves to go biking through the streets while listening to Metallica, his favorite band.
-His worst flaw is not laughing enough. He has no sense of humor. How sad!
-When he went to school, he loved PE and Economics, he always aced both! But he didn't like Physics and Math.
-He's the first one to get up in the morning, he does his bed and then has breakfast...while the others are still snoring!
-He has a sensitive side but it's a bit hidden! Proof of this is that, when he watched Gladiator he couldn't stop crying!
-He's a very positive guy, his motto is "What's important is that everything goes well".
-In love, he has a hard time having a girlfriend specially because of the tight schedule he lives with and the distance. Would you still take him?
-After a long wait, he finally got two tattoos! One's wings on his back and the other one is a star on his arm, both look amazing!

Part 5
(Pages 16-17)

Tom: Cynical and irresistible!
This twin is the hip-hop side of the band and will confess anything, any secret. Find out!

-Sincerity is one of his biggest qualities. He says it as it is!
-Tom confesses that he'd never dress like his brother Bill, ha ha!
-He's a bit shameless, he likes to brag about how he loves to have sex and could have sex with his fans. Wow!
-He has a huge guitar collection, he has about 20!
-He hated school and says that the only good thing about going was being able to have a girlfriend!
-He talks in his sleep (or so he says), we should ask Bill!
-He's a big flirt and during their US Tour he said he was looking for a girlfriend from the US to improve his English. Naughty boy!
-Tom is so close to his twin that when he underwent surgery he used to cook for him! How cute!
-He sleeps in boxer shorts. Hot!
-The first thing he notices in a girl are her eyes and her curves. Wow!
-The hardest moment for him was when he was only 6 because of the divorce of his parents.

Bill: the original one!
Bill Kaulitz is a phenomenon because of his music and look. We have proof, check it out!

-He got his first piercing when he was only 13, when he got it as part of a Halloween costume. He decided he'd wear it from then on!
-He can't stand it when people use nicknames to refer to others, he thinks it's plain silly.
-He loves pets, he has two dogs and a kitten. Wow!
-He loves junk food, but he doesn't really like chocolate.
-If you don't want to see him swollen, keep him away from insects because not only does he hate them, he's also allergic to them!
-If he weren't a singer, he'd be a Fashion Designer. He'd make it, wouldn't he?
-He's said that his wedding will be very special: His bride will wear a red and black dress and there will be no rings because both him and his bride will have them tattooed on their fingers.
-When he dies he wants to be dressed all in black with a leather jacket and lion mane. Crazy!
-He's bad at flirting, so bad that he's been single for two years and that makes him very sad. He wants a girlfriend! Would you like to be the lucky girl?

The End.
I didn't add any of the 'Wow's, Oops, Crazy, Haha's'. The magazine is very expressive apparently :rotfl:

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