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Bravo 19/09




Exclusive in Bravo!
Tom ta;ks about the crazy girl-gang that is following the band: "It's not funny anymore!"
Nothing is funny anymore! Tokio Hotel have fear for there family. Exclusive in Bravo, Bill and Tom talk about the stalker-gang that is threatening them! Tokio Hotel captured by a disguised and masked girl-gang! More then half a year Bill (19), Tom (19), gustav (21) and Georg (22), there family and friends are being followed by a group of french girls called "les afghanes on tour". They are being insulted, threatend and also attacked! I went so far that last week Tom lost control at a Hamburger gasstation and hit the 21 year old gang member Perrine.D in the face. Now the Kaulitz twins Bill and Tom talk for the first time about what happened: "We have gotten used to the fact that there will always be stalkers", Bill exclusively against Bravo. "But when the attack our family, they cross a line. That's when the fun stops!"
What happened? At the beginning of April the mother of the Kaulitz twins is attacked in Hamburg by "les afghanes on tour". To collect evidence against the stalkers the mother of Bill and Tom photographed the girl-gang with her mobile phone. The girls went crazy after that, grabbed on to her and hit the phone out of her hand. The mother reported it to the police. Not the first case! Also other girls are being attacked by the french girls: "we also heard that", Bill says, "That is off course insane. No idea what is going on in the minds of those stalkers. Something like that shoud be stopped", the singer goes on. Many fans now worry about there loved ones. They think the band will now be angry with all the fans: "No, not at all", Tom makes clear.
"The fans shouldn't worry about that. We will never put them together in the same box as those stalkers. We can't hold or fans responsable for the actions of a few insane girls. The opposite: we are happy our fans support us so much". Some of the fans of the Magdeburger band are now taking it to another level: They are starting a hunt for the terror-gang! On the internet many come together and RockStarStephi" tells in her youtube video that she and her friends are planning an attack on the "afghans" group. "We wanna drive to Germany and make it a little hotter beneath there feet", she tells. Also in other videos you can see words like "We will find you b******"and "lets start the hunt". A war between fans and stalkers? The "les afghanes on tour" have now locked themselves in out of fear", an insider tells. That doesn't give Bill or Tom any comfort. The actually should have been in Los Angeles with producer David Jost (36), to record more vocals and guiter plays for the third album.
Out of fear that the stalker-gang would get close to there mom again they have cancelled the trip. When they have it on paper from the police that "les afghanes on tour" aren't allowed to come near the family and the band member anymore, tokio hotel will fly to the USA again to continue on there album.
David Jost: "The lawyer of 3 of the "afghanes" members have contacted the lawyer of Bill and Tom. He has proposed to settle this outside court. "The representative agreed under the condition that they wouldn't come near the family anymore. we have recieved the news that "les afghanes on tour" have completely smashed down the proposal", David Jost tells. "according to my information e only have a complain against one of the stalkers". an end to the terror isn't in sight yet....."

Fans want war
Crazy! On the internet a whole hate hunt has started against the tokio hotel-hate-gang. On several fan forums and on youtube the fans from all voer the world come together to go against the stalkers. "now is our turn, revenge is sweet", it says. The fans wanna protect Gustav, Georg, Toma and Bill from other attacks....

New Tokio Hotel Album?
I am a huge tokio hotel fans and think it is the most awesome band in the world!
I also know everything about the boys. Though, there is still a question unanswered: when will the new tokio hotel album come out?
Michelle L. though email.
Bravo Info: actually the album was supposed to come out in spring. But now the release has been pushed back to the summer. Also the name of the new record isn't known yet.


Translated by beertje_86

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