Montag, 9. Februar 2009

PORT: Bravo Nr 272 #

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Translation by aniinhas

Tokio Hotel - "We will have a new Sound"
The German band closed themselfs in seven keys to end up their new work until the end of the Spring. Read the next lines with your opened eyes. We have some news!

"We are trying new things, it's like we are beggining everything in zero!" The words are from Bill and we don't really know what to think about them, specially after the leader of Tokio Hotel tell us that the new album will maybe bring new "ingredients", like Hip Hop and Dance Music. You read it well, bravo-reader. "We want to explore differents kinds of music", revealed Bill. Ok, he already made us with butterflies in the stomach. "And more news?" we asked. "Hmm, we also wanted to work with other artists in this new album. The list hasn't an end, but we don't want to reveal any name... Because we can find the star really cool and then in the studio anything goes fine", expains the vocalist. And because he doesn't open his mouth, even if we do a lot of questions we decided to give some possible names. Well, during the American tour and all the events where they appeared, they showed a lot of cumplicity with Miley Cyrus and with Jonas Brothers (the photos can prove it). When they went to LA, they met Nicole (from Pussycat Dolls) and with Jay Z, and when they came back to Germany they were seen with some Rap names like Jimi Blue and Bushido. Hmm... what will result from here? It doesn't matter, the fans of the rock sound can breathe now." Of course we will remember them!", said Georg. Ah good!

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