Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

Bravo 10/09



Now they give again full throttle

New album, new sport-carts!
2009 should be the year for Tokio Hotel. BRAVO knows their plans...

It has become very quietly about Tokio Hotel. Barely performances in the last few months, no new songs, no TV shows! Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg have themselves completely withdrawn. But behind the scenes, the four guys prepare together with their producer-team, the big blow - because 2009 will be their year! Und because of this, they give full throttle. The new album of our super-band is almost ready: "At the moment, we hope the work on the album will be finished within the next six weeks," said TH-Producer David Jost in the BRAVO interview. "But the reales won't be before the late spring."
By the way, this time, Tokio Hotel want to conquer the whole world at the same time: the CD should appear to the world simultaneously. For us of course in German. In the U.S. and anywhere, where you do not understand our language, in English.
The guys recorded this time on an very special way: "As a complement to our recording studio in Hamburg, we have just build a second one in Los Angeles," says Jost. Well, normally there should be only the endmixes produced. But Bill and Tom had not yet enough. "Last week, they've wrote two new songs," says David Jost. The two have in their new apartment in Berlin their own home studio. "There they have by their own recorded demo versions of the songs."
After all the travel stress for the past three years, Bill and Tom weren't up for no longer on a long flight to Los Angeles (takes about nine hours). "They are happy about every day, they are at home in Germany," says Jost. Therefore, the modern technique have to pay for it: "We've revised together those two songs in an three our conference session," said David Jost to BRAVO. "The next day, Bill was then in our studio in Hamburg in front of the microphone, and we've recorded him from Los Angeles via ISDN." Approximately 20 new songs are already finished - but only twelve will be on the CD.
But also privately, the TH-boys accelerate. Because silent and secretly, Bill and Tom purchased two real hot cars: Tom a gray Audi R8 (approximately 114,000 euros). A stylish sports car, which can drive about 301 km/h. Bill is satisfied with his first car with a comfortable 250 km/h - so fast drives his snow-white Audi Q7 (about 70,000 euros). The TH-Hotel-Twins doesn't pay the full price: "Celebrities get at Audi a VIP bonus - they pay only about 70 percent of the price," says an insider. These two mega-cars belong now to the TH-boys for two years.
Well, now it can start - in an exciting year!


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