Freitag, 6. Februar 2009

Atrevida Nr. 174 #



Translation by aniinhas:

Do you really know about Tokio Hotel?
It'a true that you know all curiosities of the band with the biggest European Rock success of the moment? Answer (with brains, ok!?) to the following questions and find out!

1. the vocalist Bill and the guitarist Tom are twins. Who did born first?
a) Tom borned 10 minutes before Bill
b) Bill borned 22 minutes after Tom.
c) Both of them came to the world in the same minute.

2. They were the first German band winning a really important prize of the music. Which one?
a) Oscar.
b) Grammy Awards.
c) VMA (Video Music Awards)

3. To take care of all that haur, how many shampoos does Bill?
a) One pack a day.
b) He just washes it when he goes to the hairstylist, one time a month.
c) A pack for one week.

4. What was the first name of the band?
a) Devilish
b) Tokio Hotel
c) Berlin Mountain

5. Where did Bill and Tom meet Georg and Gustav?
a) At the school
b) At a show in Germany
c) At one beach in Miami, where the twins always go on vacations.

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