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by aniinhas

Tokio Hotel in a new challenge

What more we could demand of this four young German boys that already got prizes of all kinds of stuff, that have a lot of albuns sold on the music market and that broke all the cultural and ideologic borders (their themes are sung in Czech Republic, Poland and France, countries that keep a rejection to Germany). Don't you know? Well, they already pass the fence with a new goal: become the band nr. one of the Earth. And because they really want to get it, they work hard in their next album and in other projects that you will know in this special...

According to David Jost, manager of Tokio Hotel, they have 17 finished songs and they recorded 25. Of those ones they selected some 12 and the other will be going to the B-sides. People who could hear the first songs said that the sound and arragements of the band are totally different of the ones they did before, and that the power that they reached is on the level of every international band.
Through the THtv (official channel of the band on Youtube), the fans could see Bill Kaulitz singing a new song. "Mi corazón está peleando contra mí, como un ser estraño dentro de mi" (="My heart is fighting against me, like a alien inside of me"), says the lyric translated to spanish; Even we don't know the exact name of the song, the fans expeculate it to me "herzen in sturm" (Hearts in Storm).

All their audience is now desesperated for the releasing of the new album. And even it was announced to be released this month of June, the representants of Universal Music informated that the released was delayed to Septemver. Why this delay? In the continuation we will tell you one of the reasons.

Tom against Pseudo-fans
The new that one member of Tokio Hotel hited a fan gave a turn to the world some weeks ago, and leaved the big legion of fans in shock. Tom Kaulitz was the protagonist of this mediatic scandal, but, thanks to the averuguations of their friends, fand and police, the truth came up: the hited fan was a member of a group of stalkers that persecuted the Kaulitz twins for some months.

The stalkers are accusers of pass the limits a lot of times. The girl that supposedly was hited by Tom, is a member of a group of french stalkers that call themselfs "Les Afghanes on Tour".

They had blogs on the internet where we can see the persecuting Tom and Bill while they drive on the road. Including, there is one video where they provoke the mother of the twins, reason why the Kaulitz twins almost wanted to leave Germany.

the police found out that they planned everything to provocate Tom and make him lost his control. there was also a supposition that they had bad plans to do to the boys, that's why their manager did publich the accusation against them.

In every way, the bassist of Tokio Hotel received a fine that responsabilized him for answer the girl and all this incident delayed the new album. But, as alwats, theur fans from Peru and from all around the world gave them support at 100%, that's why they recorded a video with dedications to express that they will always be with Tom and with the other members of the band, in the bad and in the good times.

United Against AIDS
Trying to forget the bad times, the boys of Tokio Hotel were involved in the campain "Fashion Against AIDS", iniciative of the European company H&M, that creates conscience of the AIDS and others de transmition sexual diseases between the young people.

them and other artist as Kay Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Yoko Ono, wtc designed their own clothing with sentences allusive to the cause. Tokio Hotel did a T-shirt with the motto "Rock hard, fuck sake" (Rock duro, Sexo seguro). the image of the T-shirt is a skull that shows the motto in the tooth; but in the word "fuck" they put in the letters u, c and k three little symbols of the band. As part of the campaign, the boys were submited to a hard photoshoot that, said byt their fans, let them with their month opened. In the photo we can see the new look of Bill Kaulitz, that changed the hair on air for a black and white dreadlocks.

In Tom's case, he was seen with another look, without his dreads neather his brown hair. Now he as his hair black and with braids in his head and free in the shoulders part. He also did a piercing in the ear and changed the silver piercing he had on his month to a black one. We have to see that this is going to be the look they will have to the new album, or maybe they will change it again.

Did you know that...
- A note of the program "De película" of ATV, said that Tokio Hotel had dark songs, negatives and almost satanic. This bad information was denied by the directive of the official fanclub and also by Universal Music on a formal letter.
- The access to the official webpage of the band suffered restrictions in June 1st, because of the quantity of visitors that wanted to see the new design of the page. The links are http://www.tokiohotel.com/de and http://www.tokiohotel.com/us.

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