Montag, 15. Juni 2009

PORT: Bravo 271 #

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translation by aninhas

"The image of the return"

"Just who isn’t fan of the band goes next to the differences.The 4 boys have released a photo that marks the return and let the fans with water in the mouth . The disc does come with a slight delay!"

"Everything is (well) prepared to receive them and they, of course, is dying to be (well) received!
Perhaps why they did matter to go forward now with the new image of the group, one that marks the return. Started by Bill, the blondes dreadlooks. It seems that the singer followed the example of his brother and started to attend the same hairdresser it. Goodbye to the lakes and the gel! And now Tom decided to opt for braids. A few weeks after having posed for this picture, he decided to change the look and when to see it back then with the braids. The changes on Gustav are evident. Cut more the hair, clarified it and now walks always with the glasses that only used at home and backstage.. And we not forget the Georg ... the hair is a little longer, but the big difference has to do with the weight, he lost 10kg. Wow! Athletic body! Now just wait for the launch of the disk, over to the Autumn. That passes quickly ... "

"Bill began to attend the same hairdresser that his brother, Tom."

"Gustav now use glasses and Georg lose 10 Kg. Ena, ena!"

Nothing new. Everything has been said in other magazines. And I don't think that Gustav has clarified the hair. -.- He already is so blonde!

Sorry if something is bad translated

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