Montag, 15. Juni 2009

Por Ti 227 #

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Bill through the years

Here's a trip through the years to see how our Bill has gone from handsome to incredibly handsome. Wow!

Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel's lead singer has always been one to stand out because of his original look. He's unique!

Spikey Hair
When they started out, he had really short hair and he never cut it short again!

Straight Hair
In 2006 he started growing his hair

Wow! He shocked us with this look. Look at his flirtatious gaze!

(can't read it) I think it says something about how spectacular his hair looked when they came to Mexico.

If you had to choose, which of Bill's looks would you prefer? He just looks incredible no matter what! To think that it all began at that party where he dressed up as a vampire...That's when he decided that image would be key in his career, and that's why he impressed everyone back in 2005 when he made his debut with TH. Although his hair was short, his black eyeliner and asymmetrical haircut were really original.
In 2006 he started growing his hair and in 2007 he was already looking incredibly handsome with messy hair and golden highlights. OMG! But in 2008 the world got to know him with a shocking mane that he rocked up or down, wow!
A while ago he surprised us again with dreads! And wait 'til you see what surprises he holds in store for us when Tokio Hotel's new CD is released! There is no one like Bill!

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