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Bravo 31/09

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translation from German by Freja
To english by Kaa


Brutal beating
Exclusive! Tokio Hotel-drummer Gustav to BRAVO: The scars will remain forever!

These images really gives goose bumps! Tokio Hotel-drummer Gustav Schäfer (20) was brutally beaten! How could this happen?
The story of a dramatic night: Gustav wanted to party in his hometown Magdeburg. At half 3 o'clock at night, he goes with a friend to the discotheque "The Club" –who this evening, are playing the Black Music. Shortly after 4, when the drummer is talking to some girls, he gets attacked by 3 men! They intimidate Gustav (1.68 cm) and beats him in the face.

The men disappears for a little while. A few seconds later, they are attacking him again, this time from behind! "One of the three hit him in the head with a bottle," says "The Club" s owner Panos Kondogtis (47) to Bravo. When the glass shattering, Gustav gets large number of cuts on the head - one was over 5 cm long! A witness reported: "Gustav bled terribly from the head." His friend led him to the bathroom at the disco, and tried to stop the bleeding with towels. When the ambulance arrives takes Gustav courteous goodbye to the owner, and says to him: "I am sorry for you. And min. See ya. "At the hospital, they shaved of some hair and sewn the wounds with 36 stitches. Then he can go home ....

A few days after the nasty attacks he talks exclusively with Bravo.
bravely he says: "I am better already. Okay, I'm not great yet, but still better." Why he was attacked, he does not know. "No idea, maybe they had been drinking something strange." But witnesses say that the girls who talked to Gustav, was apparently girl friends of the offender and therefore perhaps jealousy and envy led to the attack. "Envy can lead people to do terrible things," said Gustav. "But I am not quite the great womanizer, as you become jealous of." Details about the evening may not the Tokio Hotel-drummer tell.
As the police investigation against beater - Gustav has filed a complaint against the unknown. The star is not looking for revenge: "But I hope that the guilty are apprehended, so that does not get up to more trouble. Vindictive, I am not." And this despite the fact that he will remember this terrible night the rest of his life. "The scars will remain, but I do not think it is so bad. There are more important things in life," he says bravely. Gustav see it positively: "I could have had the bottle and glass fragments in the eye. It would have been really bad, "he says. "I can be glad that I did not get the bottle from the front but from behind the . In other words, thanks to their being so sneaky , I was not blind!" How will Gustav protect himselves against such attacks in future? "I have so far always thought it was important to have my privacy without security people, who follow every step I take. I do not want to lose my old life," he determines. "But how I can do in the future, I know still do not."

He is very grateful to all his friends and fans: "I have received an incredible number of letters and support. It's crazy how much love they have shown me, I am so touched. Thank you so much!"

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