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13/20 Tokio Hotel Special (with translation)

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz had it clear. At barely 12 years of age the German twins had the firm conviction that music was their thing…and they were not wrong. In 2001 Bill in the roll of singer and Tom as the guitarist convinced Gustav to be the drummer and Georg Listing to do his thing as the bassist and form a group of which their main objective was to perform live.
Two years later the group signed a contract with Universal Music and take on the name Tokio Hotel. From there the quartet from Magdeburg prepared their ideas for their first album which finally went on sale in 2005 titled Schrei. The singles “Durchen den Monsun”, “Rette Mich” and “Der Letzte Tag from the debut album which rapidly climbed to the top of the German charts. And a few months later the showy look of the singer Bill Kaulitz (hair standing up, painted nails and eye makeup) and the melancholy sound of punk passed through a pop filter awakened a strong interest in European kids. Zimmer 483 appears in 2007 as the second entry to their catalog and confirms the rise of a group that started playing live more each time and while watching their fans grow in numbers. And to reinforce that growth the band decides to put all their energy in extending their phenomenon in the Anglo market. How? They translated a selection of songs to English from their first two albums for “Scream” the last disco graphic piece from the quartet that unleashes the hysteria from the fanatics that follow their every move. “We’ve come further than we thought in the beginning…none of us imagined this, not the producer, not the manager no one” commented Bill about the fame a group used to signing autographs, taking pictures and hearing the loud screaming at their concerts.

New Look and sights (black section)

These days the Kaulitz brothers and their band mates have put all their energy on working on their new studio album. Internet buzz is that the new single will be out in September. A month later the new album will hit stores and soon after the band will begin promoting worldwide which will include concerts with renewed nails on stage (I have no idea what that part means). That show is what local producers are negotiating to have in Santiago for the first part of 2010. The initial plan was for the group to begin their first South American tour at the end of this year, but the work on the album has delayed the dates for their awaited visit. Patience!

Bigger every time! (green)

From Germany to the world.
They started at age 12 with the idea of playing live as much as they could. Today the Kaulitz brothers are 19 years old and have fans in every corner of the planet following every move this successful band makes. These days the quartet is preparing the details of a new album that could have them in Chile for the first time at the beginning of next year.

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