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Hit Musique China #

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Tokio Hotel

Year of rising to fame: 2005

Age of rising to fame: 16

Representative Work:<>

They have won 7 Awards in 2005, 8 Awards in 2006, 11 Awards in 2007, and 14 Awards in 2008. It's just pass the half of the year, they won the Best Online Star of the German Comet Awards. That's the amazing charm this German Rock band, Tokio Hotel, shows.

There are four person in this band. The frontman is Bill Kaulitz, the Guitarist is Tom Kaulitz(They are twins), the Drummer is Gustav Schafer and the Bassist is Georg Listing. In 2001 the band built up in Magdburg, and at that time the name of the band was Devilish. They had some small shows in Magdburg, but maybe because they were so young that there were little people noticed them. The frontman Bill Kaulitz has taken part in a TV competition show, but he failed in the semi-finals, but this was also the begin of success. Record producer Peter Hoffmann found that Bill was potential. The name of the Band changed into Tokio Hotel. Tokio means Tokyo in German. They used this word because they thought, that the city Tokyo was very cool, and they always sleep in hotels, so they had this name. And Peter Hoffman recommended them to Sony Company. David Jost and Pat Benzner took part in this band, as lyrics and song writer, and they taught the young people how to play the Instruments. In September, 2005 they have publicated their first album <>, Almost all the songs in this album were made by Peter Hoffman, David Jost and Pat Benzner, and the song <><> were made by them three together. Tokio Hotel wrote only one song <>. The publication of this album was the most important turning point for the band. And the band became very famous in Germany. In 2007 the band have publicated 2 albums, in February was the album <>, this was also a german album and had a very good sale. In this time Tokio Hotel was already the most famous rock band in Germany, but because of the language barrier, their album was not very famous in the other countries, so they have publicated their English album <> in June. And because of this album, they have became the most famous and important band in the world and many young person love them. The beauty of the frontman Bill Kaulitz is unforgetable.

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