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Bravo Nr. 51 #

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Translation thanks to lottequintelier

He's done it again. On Bill's left side a huge, cryptic saying flaunts. Bravo has the first picture of the new tattoo!

Tokio Hotel fans are already puzzling for weeks: what does Bill have for a new tattoo? Fresh sights of his skin flashed now and then on the stage - TH-Frontman did not want to reveal anything about it in any case.
"I'll show you in a few years," he only joked when someone spoke of it. But the secret is now relieved. Because Bravo has the first photo of Bill's (19) new tattoo. And that's nothing like small. Because the saying "Wir hoeren nie auf zu schreien. Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurueck" winds itself all over left side of his upper body - from shoulder down to stomach! Absolutely breathtaking.
The tattoing must have approximately 800.- Euro taken. "It took four hours to get it done," reveals Bill, "and it hurt like hell. Real bad."
No wonder : the tattoo machine stitches tint into the skin 7,500 times a minute. And in Bill's case, the skin there is very thin - that is a real catch-up effect.
What actually does this mysterious tattoo-saying mean?
"Wir hoeren nie auf zu schreien" must stand for Bill and Tom Kaulitz twins' rebellious attitude. Their attitude to do what they want to do. Not to let themselves oblige to anybody's words. And when they want to force somebody, they will scream out loud - always.
"Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurueck" must show Bill's proximity to his family - especially to his beloved mother and his brother Tom.
In spite of the total success, he always wants to know where he comes from. And the painful memory of getting this tattoo done is going to fetch him back to the ground.

Bill has now 4 Tattoos in total. Actually he wanted no more after his TH logo on his neck. "It hurts so much," he complained then. But a year after, he already got a triplicated star on his stomach. And on his 18th birthday in 2007, Billy got himself the word "Freiheit 89" on his left underarm. A tattoo-mania singer!

"Wir horen nie auf zu schreien. Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurueck." Bill had this saying in the Tattoo studio eternalized.

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