Sonntag, 16. September 2007

Interview im Graffiti

Why did you start with music?
Tom: I don't know, I thought It was cool to play guitar, I guess.

Bill: Many told me I sang good so my mun thought that I should go to so many auditions as possible.

Georg: I thought it was interesting to play bass. I started to take lessons and after a while I just couldn't stop.

Gustav: My dad had an old drummset in our basement. I started to play a little and then it became a hobby.

If you could be intsrument, what would you coose to be?
Tom: Ha, easy one. Ofcourse I'm a guitar. But if I wouldn't be a guitar I obviously would be a piano.

Bill: A guitar, they are cool.

Why do you think Tom and Bill are the most popular?
Georg: I think it is because they do the coolest thing, voice and guitar. I'm actually glad I'm not that popular. It would be to much.

Do you think you will be as popular as you are when you are 30-40 years old?
Tom: I don't think so, our look is important. If we were that old, not this many people would listen to us and the people who did listen to us would be old.

Bill: I actually don't know. But like Tom said, it would be older fans. I mean I don't think it would be teenagers.

Where do you get your insperation to your lyrics?
Bill: All our text is about something that had happend in our life. So the most lyrics comes from ourselfs.

In many cd-stores your music has been under rock, emo and punk. But what is your opinion about your music?
Bill: Well, it's not emo or punk. We look at is as rock.

What do you listen to?
Tom: I think it's most hiphop.

Bill: I am more like a rock guy. I think Green Day is awesome.

How does it feel standing on stage infront of screaming people?
Bill: It's a amazing feeling. On a gig in France for a while ago it showed up about 50 000 people and looked at us. The joy was indescribable!

Which song do you like most to play live?
Tom: It must be Reden and Spring Nicht. Reden is actually about me and a girl at room 483 on a hotel in Spain. You understand the rest.

Bill: I'm with Tom about Spring nicht. It's about if Tom jump, I jump! It feels good to sing a song with so much love to your brother.

Georg: Übers Ende der Welt. It's so fast and I love the melody.

Gustav: It have to be Durch den Monsun. When we start to play it the fans go crazy and that is fun .

What did you like with Sweden when you were here 12th June?
Tom: All the hot babes ofcourse!

Bill: Stockholm was a beautiful city with beautiful fans. However it was nothing compere to the French fans. They could kill to get first in line.

Georg: I liked it very much. Everyone was nice and cute.

Do you have any plans to come back for a concert?
Tom: We talked about it a lot of times oand maybe we will come early next year.

Bill: I don't now where we going, but it would be awesome to come to Sweden.

Have you thought about to be in Eurovision Song Contest?
Georg: Yeah. We talked about it, but I don't think the others would get a chance!

Gustav: I think it's a great idea. Our fans would like it, fore sure, I only think
it would go well for us.

Of all your albums, which do you like the most?
Georg: Whitout any questions; Schrei. It's the biggest and the best and the most fun songs to play!

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