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Super Pop 340 #

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Tokio Hotel - This way will be the new Album!
Yes, it is true! Tokio Hotel are prepared to release a new original album! Look what we have found... Yupii!

We were so exticed to give you this new! After Schrei and Zimmer 483 (both with a english version), the four boys are daily working on the third album!!! And they promisse not to desilude us...

Bad things always come to an end
This proverb couldn't tell more the truth... and Tokio Hotel know that!!! You maybe remember when Bill had to stay fous weeks without speaking, after the OP to his throat... That days were really hard and they had to cancelate lots of concerts (including the Lisbon one). But was in that times that Bill started writing dauly new lyrics!!! That therm gave him lots of inspiration, it made him think so much about life and, as he couldn't speak... he wrote! It was in that pause moment that made the born of the "new baby" of Tokio Hotel!

Other inspirations!
When he came back to the stages (with the european and north american tour), Bill keep on writing... Visit new countries and meet different people also inspired him! «Bill came to talk with me a lot of times with new ideas for musics», says the manager and producer of the band, David Jost. «I think Bill's lyrics are a mix of nostalgia. He wish be at home and, at the same time, he wants always to keep on». How sweet...

Lost papercuts!
Bill is always having new ideas for lyrics and songs and he write all them imediatly in everypaper that he probably have. «Bill write lyrics in every empty space of a paper , wich he brings on his pocket. In the majority of the papers, there are a hotel logo. He is felling really bad and he has already lost some of those papers. But, unfortunatly, he isn't interessted in write the ideas on the laptop», revels David Jost. Which one of us with our method.

New Stile!
We also had discover that Tokio Hotel are thinking in change a little bit of their stile. «I want to introduce musics with new influences and surprise people», said Tom. Cool!!!

Faithfull to their origins
They will return to sing german
Tokio Hotel are super happu with the success that they have made in USA and Europe, but they want to be faithfull to their origins and they will keep singing in german. Becuase is on the mother language that Bill writes better and the fans identify theirselfs in the same way. «The fans want to be the much closer to the identity of Bill. So, they want to understand the texts in german», says the manager of the band.

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